Using Video to Develop Teaching is framed within a research-based vision on what is quality in teaching and learning. The Introduction addresses what such quality requires from teachers’ instructional competence and which quality standards teacher education and professional development should fulfil to equip teachers fully for their work. You can access peer-reviewed publications about related topics here: Effectiveness of preservice teacher education Brouwer & Korthagen (2005). Can Teacher Education Make a Difference? Brouwer (2010). Determining Long-term Effects of Teacher Education Brouwer (1995). Der Einfluss integrativer Lehrerausbildung auf die Unterrichtskompetenz I + II Brouwer & Korthagen (2015). Estándares de calidad para el desarrollo docente continuo Alternative certification programmes Brouwer (2007). Evaluating Alternative Teacher Education in the Netherlands. A Standards-based Synthesis Tigchelaar, Brouwer & Korthagen (2008). Crossing Horizons. Continuity and Change in the Learning of Second-career Teachers Tigchelaar, Brouwer & Vermunt (2010). Tailor-made: Towards a pedagogy for educating second-career teachers Mentor training Crasborn, Hennissen, Brouwer, Korthagen & Bergen (2008). Promoting versatility in mentor teachers' use of supervisory skills Hennissen, Crasborn, Brouwer, Korthagen & Bergen (2008). Mapping mentor teachers' roles in mentoring dialogues Hennissen, Crasborn, Brouwer & Korthagen (2019). En busca del “factor M” en los diálogos de supervisión entre profesores-mentores y profesores en formación Teacher research Ax, Ponte & Brouwer (2008). Action research in initial teacher education: an explorative study
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