“Digital video has in the last decades become the single most helpful tool for advancing teaching and teacher education. This comprehensive and multi- faceted book covers the power and effectiveness of this seminal medium in an impressive way.” Kurt Reusser, Professor emeritus, Universität Zürich “The Visual Teacher Learning model developed by Niels Brouwer places at the core of teachers’ work how they bring learners to engage with the content of learning, which entails the cognitive, emotional and social domains. The principles of learning that the author expects teachers to enact in their interactions with pupils are also the principles to be modelled by teacher educators when using the VTL model, thus successfully bridging theory and practice. In the numerous examples of the uses and benefits of this approach to enhance teachers’ work with learners, the author and his collaborators recognise and address the demands faced by teachers, whether novice, beginning or experienced. This book will make a significant contribution to developing teacher educators’ competencies for using Visual Teacher Learning in their work.” Carmen Montecinos, Professor of Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso